Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


What is a Learning Management System? [edit]

A Learning Management System (LMS) is the software which allows e-Learning. Commonly it is a web application or a collection of web applications which runs on a server. The user interacts with the LMS on his web browser. The functionality of the LMS has evolved over the years to include administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and automation too. See Wikipedia

What is Moodle? [edit]

Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS). It is a web application which runs PHP on the web server and JavaScript on the user's web browser. It is the world's number one Free and Open Source LMS. Moodle powers hundreds of thousands of sites globally. Its development is divided between its mother organization which is informally called Moodle HQ and, its vast and helpful community. See Wikipedia

How do I log in to EduNET.LK site? [edit]

How do I log in to [edit]

First log in to as usual (described above). Then on its homepage and you will see a block called Network servers:

Just click on the Academy @ EduNET.LK link there. You will be taken to and automatically logged in!

Can I install Moodle on my computer? [edit]

Note that Moodle is a web application. You need to install it on a web server. All the main operating systems today, Linux, Mac OS and Windows are capable of running a web server. But if Moodle runs on your PC or laptop others are unable to connect to it unless you understand networking to connect your computer to a network. It you do, there are plenty of instructions on how to install Moodle on any of those operating systems. Search the web.

Do I have to be a web developer to make courses? [edit]

No! You enter text, pictures, etc. just like on any other web page. In addition you can upload office documents, PDFs etc. too on the browser. The interface is an HTML editor, which looks like this:

Can I make courses in Sinhala or Tamil? [edit]

Yes! Visit the front page and switch the language in the drop-down menu at the top-right corner. 

There are many possibilities and techniques involved in getting multiple languages. In short, either you configure your keyboard to enter unicode. Then, when you type in Sinhala you get සිංහල, when you type in Tamil you get தமிழ், when you type Greek you get Ελληνικά.

If you don't have a such a keyboard driver installed, then there are web applications which translate keyboard strokes, say in a Latin keyboard, and convert then in to unicode in the target language. Example Another example is the Google translator Select the target language, say Sinhala, in the left box and type "Singlish". You will see the result immediately in Sinhala unicode alphabet.

Can I take home the courses I make on EduNET.LK? [edit]

Yes! (details to come)

How do I run the courses which I make on EduNET.LK at my school? [edit]

(to come)

What additional plugins are used on EduNET.LK? [edit]

(to come)

What is the copyright on the content in EduNET.LK? [edit]

We apply the open Creative Commons license Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). (details to come)

My question is not covered above. Where can I go? [edit]

If you have an account, the best place is the General discussion forum.

You can also message anybody from the team through Moodle messaging system.

You can also write a mail to the site administrators at or send a SMS, or call for urgent matters, at mobile 076 460 90 08.