Week 5. Assignment "Interacting with others"

Assignment for the week

We offer a special time slot to do the assignment so that the whole class do it at the same time. The scheduled time is: Wednesday 3 March 2021, 15.00-16.00 IST. You can do the assignment outside this time slot. But it is fun, only if there are many users logged in at the same time. So, be there!

Please note that, you might need some “training” before the fun begins. So do a rehearsal before the appointed hour.

During the assignment you will be collecting the data to be submitted in a text file and will mail the file to the teacher. To do that you need to know few things which we haven’t covered yet. Those things are explained in the assignment, So please carefully read and understand the instructions before starting!

Note that you need to do this assignment in the practice computer.

Addition: You need to inform the course instructor through a "submit" note in the assignment tool with a short note like "I have sent the mail to Sampath sir".

  • When you execute a command, you can record its output by directing its output to a file:
    command > FILE
  • To add more outputs to the same file you direct the output with two arrows, otherwise it will be overwritten:
    command >> FILE
  • You can mail a file to another user by reading it as input to mail:
    mail userX −s Subject < FILE

    At this time, just use a one-word subject!

Except otherwise stated, add the outputs of the steps below to a file called regno_assign5.txt.

Step 1: Print the system date.

Step 2: Print who am i.

Step 3: Record the who and w of the others who are logged in.

Step 4: Get the last 5 logins in to the system

Step 5: Find out when the system was last rebooted

Step 6: Create your own .project file

Step 7. Finger a couple of users and record the result for a user who has a .project file.

Step 8: Send a couple of write messages to others. (This one you can not record)

Step 9: talk with somebody. (This too you can not record)

Step 10: Read your mail. There will be a mail from the teacher. Reply to it! (If you delete the message by mistake, you can just write a new mail.)

Step 11: Mail your recording of steps 1 - 7 to the teacher, user ratna (user01 is also OK).

Finally you need to need to submit a note in this like ”I have finished the assignment and mailed the output file to Sampath sir” in this Moodle tool.

We strongly advice you to paste the content of the output file to the assignment tool as a back-up in case the mail does not arrive.