Week 3. Assignment: Create a directory structure

The agents of a call center were maintaining there logs by throwing all their log files in to a single directory. Each agent had his own way of naming files. You have the job of bringing order in to this. Your proposed solution is a hierarchical file structure: the top directory, called calls, will have subdirectories tech (the technical team), sales (the sales team), etc. Within those team directories the agents will have their own directories, named after their user names, say anula, saman.


  • Crete the top directory calls in your home.
  • Under calls create the directory tech.
  • Inside tech create the directories anula and saman.
  • Inside anula create two empty files jan and feb.

How to submit:

Copy and paste all the commands you typed in you practice computer to the assignment tool in Moodle. Format them like in the examples in the lecture note so that you will have neat documentation. Also add your comments to the right of the commands. Your solution finally look like this:

$ cd             # change to my home
$ mkdir calls    # create the main directory
$ cd ...         # change to ...