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This forum is there to ask for support, raise any questions on the subject, post general comments and feedback, interact with other participants, etc. during the whole course.

To keep the discussions organized, we kindly request you to adhere to the following netiquette:

  • When you start a discussion give it an informative title. A summary of the whole post in one sentence would be ideal.
  • Please use "Reply" if and only if your are responding to the topic of the post you are replying to. If not start a new discussion.
  • Once an issue is resolved please write a final post confirming that the issue is resolved and explaining what the problem was and how you solved it. Don't forget to add [RESOLVED] to the subject of this final post.
Notice that you can unsubscribe from this forum. But make it a point to read other discussions before starting a new one. You will be automatically subscribed to individual discussions you have participated.

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