Week 1. Assignment: Get your Linux account

You have been given a Unix account in a departmental Linux machine. Its IP address is Your username and password both are your registration number, so something like 19it012.

Step 1. Login to your Linux account. For that you will need a terminal emulator. If you are running Windows on your desktop, then download the free program PuTTY and run it. The rest is self-explanatory.

Step 2. Your first job after logging in is to change the easy-to-guess password. For that you simply enter the command 'passwd' in to the terminal. The program will guide you from then on.

Note: Use an easy to remember password. You can't reset it yourself!

Step 3. Run the command 'chfn' which allows you enter your contact information. They don't have to be real. Once successful take a screenshot of the terminal window and upload in to this assignment.

Step 4. From the terminal enter the three commands 'date', 'who' and 'who am i' after one another and finally log out by entering 'logout'. Take a screenshot of the screen and upload in to the assignment.

Sample screenshot (your screenshot may look different)